Daddy Freeze and Kibati Bankole Fight Dirty on Social Media:

It all started when an On Air Personality with cool fm came on social media to demand that Kibati Bankole to pay him the money she owed him. the message reads,

daddyfreezeDear @merrybetsports, kindly appeal to @kiibati to pay me my mone I was contracted for the #merrybetcelebrityfanschallenge by Kiibati. I showed up, played my part, but when it came to paying me the fee we both agreed upon, she stopped picking my calls and replying my texts. I approached a mutual friend @iambolar, whose attempt to reach her also proved futile Kindly use the power of your good office to appeal to her to pay me my money. Thank you.”

Kibati Bankole, is a sportscaster and the Executive Producer and host of Merrybet Celebrity Fans Challenge and Fans Crossfire. One would have expected that if there’s an issue between these celebrities, there should be better way to settle scores outside social media.

After some days of waiting, Kibati Bankole replied Daddy Freeze yesterday via the same media and that has led to serious cyber war. Below is the full text of Kibati’s reply to Daddy Freeze:

“Dear Mr. Freeze,Kiibati Bankole - Daddy Freeze and Kibati Bankole Fight Dirty on Social Media:

I have tried to steer clear of your endless attempts at cyber bullying and casting aspersions at my image, but your most recent rants have left me no choice but to respond to your allegations.
My friends know that unlike you, I do not engage in attention seeking stunts online or laundering my linen in public.
I am a very private person, with a very small but closely knit circle of friends.

I find your decision to take to social media to spout your allegations highly disappointing, considering your age (I assume you are close to 50 and are considered an ‘egbon’), and that you have both my phone numbers, know where my studio/office is and are in touch with many of our mutual colleagues in the broadcast industry.

Now, you made some allegations that are ridiculous and blatantly false:

The first was that I BEGGED you to ‘help me out’ by participating at my event- Celebrity FC on the 3rd of December.
Now that claim is ridiculous.

First of all, at the event, we had superstars like Olamide, Tuface Idibia, Awilo Longomba, Falz TheBahdGuy, Burna Boy, Peter of P Square, Humblesmith, just to name a few.
The event had over 30 of Nigeria’s most beloved celebrities come together in the name of the beautiful game- football, and no disrespect intended Sir, but you do not match up to any of those guys in name or stature.freeze 2 - Daddy Freeze and Kibati Bankole Fight Dirty on Social Media:

I contacted you to ask you to help me invite your friend DJ Exclusive to the event, who we know is a staunch Manchester United fan and loved by many.
While bargaining with you on his appearance fee, you gave me the condition that I must invite you as well. We had no plans to invite you because you did not fit the profile of the calibre of celebrities we invite.

You however insisted and charged me the sum of N900,000 for you and DJ Exclusive to split. I found that odd, but felt I had no choice, since I really wanted Exclusive at the event.
You asked me to send you a text message with the offer for you to show DJ Exclusive which I did.

To spice up the deal, you offered to promote the event for two weeks on your show on Cool FM and asked me to send you a media partnership proposal which I did

Following our conversation on phone, I presented our discussion to my team, who expressed dissatisfaction and said they did not want you at the show, but Exclusive alone. They said you do not match up to the celebrities coming for the show and said we should instead invite your colleague Dotun who will attract the hip, young urban crowd in Lagos to the event.
I did not know how to tell you this as I did not want to hurt your feelings.559771 270263983055451 2059271592 n - Daddy Freeze and Kibati Bankole Fight Dirty on Social Media:

I told them about your offer to promote the event for free, which softened their stance a little, but did not totally convince them.

FYI, all the celebrities that came for the event were given official invitation letters/MOUs either physically or by email and were paid at least 2 or 3 months to the event, except for last minute additions.

You eventually told me that the management of Cool FM denied your request to run the promo of the event on your show, which left my team with no choice but to decide to dis-invite you, as they saw no justification for paying you to attend the event without getting any value from you.
According to them, no one will purchase a ticket to a concert to watch Freeze.

I thought this was harsh, and couldn’t figure out how to break the news to you, so I kept coming up with ways to buy time, hoping you would take the hint by my refusal to pick your calls atimes. But you eventually helped me out when you told my people a week to the show that DJ Exclusive was pulling out.
This came as a bit of relief to us and my team told you not to bother to come anymore as Exclusive was supposed to be your partner at the show.

After my team asked you not to come, you began to harrass and stalk my phone, calling me endlessly, but I couldn’t pick your calls and asked my managers to speak with  you. I couldn’t pick your calls because I was the host of the show and had to focus on rehearsing for the event with my co-host Seyi Law. I was losing my voice and my team insisted that I stay off the phone to save my voice and energy.Freeze 680x365 c - Daddy Freeze and Kibati Bankole Fight Dirty on Social Media:

So, you were told not to come for the show, but imagine my shock when on the day of the event, I came down to the celebrity lounge backstage and saw you

You came along to the event with an actor we hadn’t invited. You were drinking all kinds of Spirits began harrasing the stage manager to let you go on stage and play.

The stage manager concluded by your harassment that you were just being a passionate football fan and eventually let you go on stage to play with the celebrity friend you brought to the event.

At no point did I ‘contract’ you to be at the show as you have widely claimed, unless the word ‘contract’ has taken on a different meaning.

The second false claim you made was that you tried to call me for a month and I wasn’t picking your calls.

This Sir is a blatant lie (or ‘alternative fact’ as Kellyanne Conway would say), as I travelled out of the country soon after the event and was away in Dubai for the Christmas and New year holidays and my phones were unreachable. My instagram posts in this period confirm this.
I took the break to recuperate after the event and regain my mental and physical strength.

I was away for over 3 weeks, so you couldn’t have been calling me all this while, as you claim.

As soon as I landed after my trip, you began to call my phone. You called me two or three times, and I didn’t pick your calls because I was still settling down, following my trip; but imagine my surprise when two days later you took to instagram to attack me.

You did not send me a single text, email, direct message on Twitter or Instagram or reach out to me via members of my team but instead chose the cowardly way out with your subtle blackmail and cyber bullying.

I understand that there is a recession in Nigeria at the moment and you may have been broke and desperate for some cash, but as a friend, I would have helped you with some cash if you had just done the decent thing by reaching out to me via text or by being patient for me to return your calls, which I would have after I settled down from my trip

This, as you know, was not my first time dealing with you. I have paid you a lot of cash in the past for different promos on Cool FM. You can recall that I paid you N300,000 regularly sometime in 2015 to promote some kid artists on your show. I can tender my account statements as proof of this
Your social media antics however, are a declaration of war and put an end to any attempt at friendship with you
Please Sir, stop your cowardly attempts at cyber bullying me or harrassing my clients Merrybet- the most reputable sports betting firm in Nigeria and address your alleged grievances via the appropriate legal channels.
I don’t want to believe that you cannot afford a lawyer Sir.
Please stop your cowardly attacks and take up whatever issues you believe you have against me in court or with the appropriate authorities and desist from your public attacks.
As I said in my posts earlier, you were disinvited from the show a week to the event after DJ Exclusive pulled out. 

I acknowledged that I sent you a text to show the original offer to Exclusive.
I also acknowledged that I apllied different delaying antics to avoid hurting your feeling, hoping you would take the hint.
If you were offered 500k upfront and weren’t paid, why show up for the event, if not out of desperation.
You were accorded all respect as an ‘egbon’ and my text expressed that.

As I said earlier, I am not interested in your cyber bullying antics or back and forth banter with you.

Address the matter via the proper legal channels.
Thank you”

Below is Daddy Freeze response to Kibati Bankole’s allegations, one stunning occurrence is that while Daddy Freeze could made evidences available for all his claims, Kibati could not.

“You claim that I was de-invited a week before your show, so how come the events coordinator for your event gave me my schedule for appearance, via text, on the 2nd of December, the day before the show?
I covered up the last 2 digits of his number as he isn’t directly involved and I don’t want him harassed unduly

Kiibati, you are both a pathetic and a pathological liar. The spirit of falsehood has an incumbent residency within the craters of your soul. Reading your replies through the ‘body of lies’ without evidence to back up your absurd claims, posted tastelessly via your Instagram account, has left me wondering how a woman can have such a bescumbered attitude.”

The Real Story According to Daddy Freeze
“Here is the real story. You called me up, after a lady (name withheld) came to me at a BMW club event, informing me that I would receive a call to this effect and the call came from you. You wanted me to take part in your event and BEGGED me to speak to Xclusive as he wasn’t picking your calls. You begged me to accept what you had to offer and also begged me to plead with Xclusive on your behalf. When I saw Xclusive that day, (we have worked together 4 times a week for the last 4 years) I brought up the issue and pleaded on your behalf, saying you had a tight budget. Xclusive checked his calendar and realized that he had an event on that same day but you promised you would work with his timing. Over the last few years Xclusive and I have worked on several projects on / off radio and he knows that when it comes to money I am transparent so this ‘minor’ ‘side job’ of yours, wont have been an exception.

Point of correction miss liar liar pants on fire, Xclusive never pulled out of the event officially, neither did I, I still have the text message I sent to him the night before your show, informing him of timing.

Xclusive was tied up at the other event, while I was already at your event, so I called Gideon after informing the stage manager and he was fine with it.

I am a ‘zero failure’ person and my radio background taught me that no matter what the circumstances are,
‘the show must go on’
That’s why I came with Gideon. Should you have…continued at link in my bio

daddyfreezeDear @kiibati,

  • you said I gatecrashed your event, please explain to us all, why I had tasks sent to me, to be done on the day of an event I ‘gatecrashed’. Also, since you claim it was only DJ Xclusive that you invited, why did you request for ‘individual’ pictures of us, where we were required to wear Arsenal and Manchester United jerseys respectively?

    My last communication with you prior to the event, was only 3 days before it was billed to take place on the 3rd of Dec, (as usual I have evidence of this) in the form of a text message, suggesting a date for a radio interview you begged me for earlier on.
    How come you didn’t cancel my appearance then? Only for you to send me the questions you would be asking Gideon and I, on the day of the event, then making a preposterous claim that I crashed your party.

    Kiibati, it seems to me, that you have a pathological problem, and I’ll suggest you deal with this, while you are at it, pay me my money, people are asking me to help out with school fees, rent, food, hospital bills etc, I’d rather spend it on them as the reward is eternal.
    In addition to this, if you borrowed the money from me, as a Christian, I would be under the obligation to forgive you. However, here is what the bible has to say about owing labour;

    Romans 4: 4; Now to the one who works, wages are not credited as a gift but as an obligation. Leviticus 19:13; KJV
    Thou shalt not defraud thy neighbour, neither rob him : the wages of him that is hired shall not abide with thee all night until the morning. ~FRZ”

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