Kibati Replies Daddy Freeze – “I am a Silent Achiever”

Kibati Bankole has reacted to Daddy Freeze reaction to her earlier post yesterday morning. In the post, Kibati had warned the Cool fm OAP to stop cyber-bulling her. In his response, Daddy Freeze posted some evidences to show that there was an existing contract for him to show up on Kibati Bankole Celebrity Challenge Show.

Read Bankole’s full response below:

“Following the uproar yesterday after I finally (and quite reluctantly) responded to your constant bullying attempts on social media, I will like to put out a final statement on this matter.

No.1: You were never invited as a solo act to the show, but only after you insisted on tagging along with DJ Exclusive. The payment conversation you posted yesterday clearly proves this.
No. 2: DJ Exclusive pulled out of the event and you didn’t keep to your part of promoting the event on your show. As such, you had no business at the show because the event is a face off between two celebrities.

No. 3: You told members of my team verbally on phone (not via text) that DJ Exclusive wasn’t going to make the event, and you were told immediately on the same phone conversation that this means you couldn’t participate anymore. My people expressed regret about the development and promised to keep in touch with you in the future.
No. 4: At no time were you asked to show up at the event alone or to bring a friend along besides DJ Exclusive.

No. 5: You posted a screenshot of an email sent to you at 9:51PM on (Dec 3rd which was the day of the event and the event started at 6PM) with questions for you and the friend you brought along to the show.
That Sir was mischievous, as that was the exact moment just before you and your friend took to the stage, and incontrovertible proof that we were not ready to have you and this friend at the show. Ofcourse I couldn’t let you get on my stage without a script and bore my audience because #celebrityFansChallenge is a well scripted show and celebrities like 2Baba, Burna boy, Falz, Peter of Square and the other 30 celebrities all got their script long before the show.
If you and this friend had been invited to the show, you would have gotten an email with this script long before the show.
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KB - Kibati Replies Daddy Freeze - "I am a Silent Achiever"
Kibati Bankole

I admit that our mistake was in letting you take the stage at the event, as you and your friend could have been barred from entering the celebrity lounge or thrown out by the bouncers but that Sir would have been disrespectful and we don’t roll like that.

Finally, I stated categorically yesterday that you should seek redress in a civil court and stop your cyber-bullying antics, but in the absence of any legal document or letter from you and in the face of your continued public harassment. I and my team have concluded that you either have no case or are genuinely desperate for some cash in this harsh economic times.

I am a silent achiever and a peace lover and that is why before now a lot of people have never heard about me with all I have done. So, following numerous requests from my followers, I would like to ask that you post your account details here (publicly please, to avoid any further disparities). Please do this immediately. I promise to deposit personal funds into your account immediately and publicly post proof of payment. Some of my followers have also offered to do same till your pressing financial needs are met.
Please note that this is a personal gesture from me and nothing to do with my event.daddy freeze - Kibati Replies Daddy Freeze - "I am a Silent Achiever"

If you fail to do this Sir, I will conclude that your rants are simply attention-seeking antics as people have claimed and would once again advice that you quit your cyber-bullying and seek redress via the proper legal channels.

This is my last word on this matter Sir. I am sorry for any stress my revelations may have caused your family. That was never my intention, as I said earlier, I spoke up quite reluctantly.

PS: I noticed that you posted my phone number online yesterday. I still respect you and your family way too much to do that.

Thank you.”

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