Big Brother Naija: Mr Ibu in the House

Screams and leaps of joy best describe how the Housemates reacted when doorbell rang and the front door opened, ushering in Mr. Ibu as he joins the long list of celebrity visitors who has visited the House since inception.

The veteran actor was met with hugs, handshakes and given a quick tour of the House before settling down in the lounge.

Mr. Ibu had the Housemates laughing immediately as he walked in, cracking jokes whenever the opportunity availed itself. “David?” he asked Debie-Rise jokingly, as she introduced herself, sending everyone in stitches.

But it was not all fun and games, as Mr. Ibu gave the Housemates a bit of advice.

Mr Ibu - Big Brother Naija: Mr Ibu in the House
Mr. Ibu touring the House

“I started watching this game immediately after you entered the House. While watching you, I discovered this attitude of being humble among you. You are well trained. My advice to you is that you must follow it (being humble),”he said.

He further assured all the budding actors, actresses and singers in the House that he would assist them, should they need gigs when they leave the House.

“We have a company overseas that signs artists, so if you’re good, come to my office. Actors, please come. We have market,” he said.

 However, unlike other celebrity visitors before him, Biggie had a Secret Task for Mr. Ibu and he was called into the Dairy room where they had a brief chat.

“Good evening Mr. Ibu,” sounded Biggie’s voice over the speaker. He was replied with a loud “Eh?” from Mr. Ibu, to which Biggie corrected by advising him that the appropriate response while in the Dairy Room was, “Yes, Big Brother.”

MrIbu - Big Brother Naija: Mr Ibu in the House
Mr. Ibu acting with the Housemates

Mr. Ibu then had a brief chat with Big Brother on how Michael Bolton’s song titled “I’m back on my feet again” changed his life, making it one of his favourite songs to date.

Biggie did not waste any time and informed Mr. Ibu that he had a Secret Task for him. He had to go back into the lounge and create a short drama series script with the Housemates and further act it out.

“Big Brother will not accept failure from you.  Failure to do this will mean your Wager is in danger,” Biggie said.

The Housemates, together with Mr. Ibu, put up a great performance and Mr. Ibu had to leave the House at the sound of the buzzer. Of course the Housemates could not let him go without taking selfies.

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