#SeriouslySpeaking: Who is Uche Maduagwu?

Uche Maduagwu described himself on his instagram page as “Nollywood Actor. Acting is my life #GraceTooStrong Contact management: Stylepartners@yahoo.com www.uchemaduagwu.co”

Beyond what Uche calls himself, Who is he?

uche3 - #SeriouslySpeaking: Who is Uche Maduagwu?
Uche with Funke Akindele

I may not be a film freak, but I know several actors in Nollywood. Grade A, Grade B and perhaps Grade C Actors. I know several upcoming Actors, though I don’t know all the Actors

Some I know by their names, some by their stage names and some by their face. Sincerely, beyond instagram, I’ve never seen Uche in any film before. However, I’m not saying Uche isn’t an Actor.

What first drew my attention to Uche is the way he posts his picture with other more popular and famous celebrities and refer to them as either friends, daughters or something.

I also noticed that in all of these posts, Uche is forever wearing only one shirt. I can’t imagine a celebrity that will flood his instagram page with pictures of him wearing only a shirt. Though he just changed the shirt yesterday to reveal a tattoo appreciated by his actress daughter.

“Awww… My colleague, a very popular actress in Nigeria, someone I refer to as “my daughter” just said she loves my tattoo….”

uche2 - #SeriouslySpeaking: Who is Uche Maduagwu?
Uche with Okoye

Recently, Uche is in war of words with daddyfreeze for the latter’s insults on his “spiritual father”. He also called on his other celebrity colleagues to stand up and not allow the church to be mocked by “yellow pawpaw”. In his words,

“I just finished listening to these songs, and am telling you, these are the best songs ever… If you haven’t listened to these songs or watched the video my brother you go FREEZE for “mumu” island oh.❤❤💋💋👏👏👍🏻👍🏻 Am also very happy that at least, we now have some of my celebrity friends who supports great men of God, and will never allow anyone to abuse great and powerful men of God.💡💡💡💡Am calling on other celebs too…. Let us shame all the evil people persecuting the church. Most of you are members of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), and a whole lot of you attend Winners Chapel…Will you just sit back and allow a “yellow pawpaw” Pagan to say Trash about your spiritual father? Your beloved General Overseer and pastor? Haba… Don’t let anyone ridicule the church while you just sit down and watch oh!”

Well, Uche is entitled to his opinion about @daddyfreeze as much as Daddy Freeze is entitled to his opinion about the “Men of God” he has written one or two piece against.

But then, who is Uche Maduagwu? Is he an Actor or an aspiring Actor? A comedian? An Activist, Since Google knows almost everything, I asked Google about Uche, and Google answered “if you asked me, na who I go ask?”. Beyond his

uche1 - #SeriouslySpeaking: Who is Uche Maduagwu?
Uche with Tonto

social pages, nothing to say about Uche.

I was very excited to see Uche’s website on his profile page, www.uchemaduagwu.com, at least, I will satisfied my curiosity, alas, the website is fake as it was not registered.

Why then should a Celeb put an unregistered website on his profile page as his website? Is he OK?

Please if you know anything about Uche, I will like to know. Since his website is fake, every other claim on his social media could also be fake.


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