TBoss Finally Gets Her Victory

We’re edging ever closer to the end of the season and tonight, the Housemates took part in their final Payporte Arena Games! In order to win the Housemates had to bounce a ping pong ball off a platform and land it in a glass of liquid. Next, they had to walk a beam, run across several, scattered pedastals and dive under a net before scaling another. Sounds hectic right? Well, as it would turn out, this was actually the easy part of the course. The last challenge entailed blowing two pink balls across several shot glasses and into a large water glass and it proved the most taxing!

Marvis kicked things off, blazing through the obstacle course in mere seconds but the last section was her undoing. She managed to get one ball in fairly early but spent the rest of her four minute lot trying to replicate this. She got buzzed out and the same fate would soon be suffered by Efe who completed the more physicial section of the course in even less time than Marvis but failed to blow any balls into the water glass.BBBoard - TBoss Finally Gets Her Victory

Next it was TBoss’ turn to shine and shine she did. She made mincemeat of the entire obstacle course and her strategy for blowing the balls into the water glass seemed to be more effective as she completed this Task in just seconds. She stepped away from the platform and did a victory dance, her eyes wide with joy. Bisola came up next and for a moment it seemed like she’d best TBoss effort but her aching knee cost her precious time! She finished with a time of 01:47, which was just seconds slower than the 01:22 TBoss had managed.

Debie-Rise ended things off but struggled with the first section of the course which is were she lost the most time. Like the two ladies before her however, she managed to complete the course albiet with a time of 02:17 making TBoss the big winner! “Even the Ninjas are surprised!” Biggie jested as everyone laughed and applauded. She picked Debie-Rise to share in her luxury treat but once they were upstairs she shared the tasty meal, whisky and ciders Biggie had prepared for them with all the Housemates, something they were most grateful for. What a good sport! Are you happy for TBoss? Let us know after the jump.


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