LG Chairmanship for sale in Lagos as APC charge aspirants half a million Naira

It’s indeed a show of shame as the aspirants of both Local Government Area and Local Development Area besieged the ACME Secretariat of the ruling party, All Progressive Congress to submit their nomination form on Friday.

The aspirants who had paid exorbitantly to collect the form thought that they will just get to the office, submit the form and get away. Alas! the staff of the secretariat were equipped with “Ghana Must Go” bag to collect “submission fee”  from all the aspirants.

While the Chairmanship aspirants paid N10,000 for form submission, the aspirants for the post of Councilor parted with their hard earned N5,000.

The most unfortunate thing is that the aspirants paid a whooping sum of N550,000 and N155,000 for the positions of Chairman and Councilor respectively to obtain the form.

One should wonder, why should an aspirant paid that much?

There are Local Government or LCDA that have 20 Chairmanship aspirants and over 100 aspirants for the post of Councilor in all the wards within the LG or LCDA. That will be over N26,000,000 for the party executive members.

This does not include the money for campaign, money for other party leaders and executive members, money for “fake Pastors, Alfas and Babalawos, the expenses are just endless.

This is the reason why no work is done by the Local Governments and people begin to complain.

People invest in these candidates and if they eventually won, it will be pay back time.

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