Nigerian Wrestlers Shine in Morocco

Nigerian Wrestlers Saturday evening won 6 gold medals and 2 silver medals at the ongoing 2017 Senior African Wrestling Championship in faraway Marrakech, Morroco.

The list of the wrestlers are;

-Mercy Genesis (ngr) vs Nahamie Sambo (Sen) 6-0 pintfall

– Wiem Trabelsi (Tun) vs Winnie Gofit (ngr) 2-12 pinfall

– Tochukwu Okeke (ngr) vs Firas Khlifi (tun) 0-6

– Kemeasuodei Dressman (ngr) vs Houria Boukrif (alg) 10-0

– Mercy Genesis (Ngr) vs kholodi Ahmed (egy) 10-0 wins gold medal.

– Adekuoroye Odunayo wins gold medal.

– Aminat Adeniyi (Ngr) vs Dorssaf Gharssi (tun) 10-0 wins gold medal

– Blessing Oborududu (Ngr) vs leanco stans (rsa) 10-0 wins gold medal.

– Kemeasuodei Dressman (Ngr) vs Amourou Serge (cmr) 10-4 – wins gold medal.

– Tassadit Amer (tun) vs Gofit Winnie (ngr) 2-4 pinfall. Wins gold medal

Female wrestlers

1. Mercy Genesis 48 kg – Gold medal

2. Bose Samuel 53kg – silver medal

3. Odunayo Adekuoroye 55 kg – gold medal

4. Aminat Adeniyi 58kg – Gold medal

5. Blessing Oborududu 63 kg Gold medal

6. Bisola makanjuola 60kg Silver medal

7. Kemeasuodei Dressman 69kg – gold medal

8. Gofit Winnie 75kg – gold medal

Of the 9 wrestlers Nigeria paraded, only Tochukwu Okeke 75 kg did not win a medal, but he put up an appreciable effort.

Seven freestyle wrestlers will be on the mats on Sunday.

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