Coup Rumour! Time for Solemn Assembly by the Politicians

A disturbing purported coup plan filters into our hears sometimes last week. Though there have been divergent reports on whether the news was true or not, it is often said that “there’s no smoke without fire”

The news was quoted to emanate from the office of the Chief of Army Staff, LT General Tukur Buratai and corroborated by the British Ambassador to Nigeria. Hence it demands serious attention.

In his reaction, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the ruling party (APC) National Leader said Nigerians will resist any coup attempt. Really? Jagaban needs to understand that this is 2017 not 2012.

As a matter of personal opinion, military rule is one of the reasons we are where we are today as a Nation. So, military rule is not desirable any longer in Nigeria.

Military rulers are as corrupt as their civilian counterparts, if not more. Even during the last regime of Goodluck Jonathan, both retired and serving military personals stole much more money than both politicians and civil servants, therefore, coup isn’t a solution to Nigeria current problem.

Be that as it may, who has Democracy helped in 18 years of our continuous civilian rule?

The political class are more daring today and in the midst of their incompetency, they rule us with impunity.

Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State is currently celebrating his 60 years birthday, and the Governor who couldn’t appoint commissioners for 7 years, conduct local government election for 7 years, pay salary nor pension is celebrating birthday for 7 days! What a shame!

Our senators without any known means of livelyhood apart from politics throw their wealth on our faces by displaying their mansions and exotic cars on social media.

Things are getting more expensive, roads are still very bad, electricity getting worse, train still not working, we produce half baked and unemployable graduates.

Stolen money are now abandoned everywhere, few will be discovered to be return to where it will be “restolen”.

Nigeria is in a sorry state and politicians should live to their responsibility by governing well.

The rumour of coup is a reality check, it means some khaki boys aren’t happy with the system. Millions of other Nigerians too are not happy but don’t have access to weapons to carry out coup.

Rather than believing in the illusion that Nigerians will go on the streets to protest and resist coup detat while the politicians and their family will run abroad if there’s coup with their stolen wealth.

The politicians should make the people happy by delivering on their pre-election promises and I’m sure the Army will stay peaceful in their barracks.

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