#BBNaija: Miracle Fans Attacked Juliet Ibrahim

“Why are people still voting for miracle? It’s a game show let him step out of his comfort zone. Cee C is giving us DRAMA and we are loving it! CeeC for the money!!!”

That was Juliet Ibrahim’s tweet after the official release of how the votes for Sunday’s eviction went.Miracle led other nominated housemates by scoring 25.76% of the total votes while Juliet’s favourite Housemate, Cee-C came distant second with 19.80% of the votes.

A good number of the Pilot’s fans did not take kindly to A listed Actress comment and she’s been comprehensively insulted by some uncultured fans on social media.

In response to the barrage of insults, Juliet has this to say,

16 hours ago

It is an open secret that Juliet Ibrahim supports both BamBam and Cee-C in the House and since BamBam is evicted, she has been campaigning for Cee-C.
Below are some of the reactions from Miracle fans:
@Mamosa “Just listen to her contradicting herself. Why do you want to bring #Miracle down, he’s already a celeb!! If you want respect for celebs, start by not bringing others down!!!
@ellyellyelly: “We feel the same way about your movie roles but you don’t see us crying and bashing those that support your hustle. Sell ur lashes in Peace na!
@idontmindmybizz: “You are a disgrace to the human race,You are in the industry and you know first hand how it feels to be judged wrongly, yet you use your dirty fingers to tweet rubbish! You are a pure disgrace. You are not God and have no right..Keep your opinion to yourself.
@M_idris12: “Act,you cannot act. Sell lashes,you cannot sell. Marry Jamil,you cannot marry. Aunty just go back to Ghana.
@dollar1010: “You will not go and look for a man, you are there calling people who are more real than you fake…what do you bring to the table?
@mckenzieray30: “This is exactly what would make him win, please continue. Don’t go and find film to act oh, It’s another person’s image you just want to spoil, evil people.
@Meddivva: “What did ice Berg give you to drink? Thought you are a celebrity, you can support your favourite housemate without discrediting others. I’m highly disappointed ma.
@Qween_Vivian: “Wow Juliet this is not fair, you can actually campaign for your CeeC without pulling miracle down… This is very low coming from a celebrity
@Jessica46811462: “B**ch go f**k your self. Your shameless self would still run after home the moment he’s out. Go and get married bitch. You old enough to give birth to Miracle.
cleardot - #BBNaija: Miracle Fans Attacked Juliet Ibrahim
@Lamaris201010: “As old as you are you will not respect yourself,that boring guy like u said has a better personality than you.If you don’t respect yourself  a lizard on d street will insult you.
@LeRoy02576498: “Miracle came into the game 2 months ago now he has blown more than your boyfriend.”
Below are the screenshot of Juliet Ibrahim’s responses to Miracle fans who are insulting her:

Juli - #BBNaija: Miracle Fans Attacked Juliet Ibrahim

Juli1 - #BBNaija: Miracle Fans Attacked Juliet Ibrahim

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