Abia Warriors Feeders Withdraw from the League

Abia Warriors Feeders have withdrawn from the Nationwide League One just two weeks into the commencement of the League.

In a tweet released by the team’s twitter handle @AbiaWarriors, “the management felt that the Secretary didn’t act in good fate, and could no longer be trusted. So they withdrew from the league.”

In another tweet, “the NLO Secretariat said the team was not properly registered, they appointed referees for the match, told Enyimba to protest the match, awarded the three points to Enyimba within 24 hours, without giving Abia Warriors fair hearing.”

Meanwhile, the week one result that is bone of contention between Abia Warriors Feeders and Enyimba Feeders ended 2 goals apiece.

The expectation of the League Management Company is for all the Premier League teams to have Feeders’ team in the Nationwide League One that will serve as a place for the teams to scout for young talent.

As at the time of filing this report, no reaction from either the NLO Secretary or the League Management Company.

The screenshot of Abia Warriors tweets:

abia - Abia Warriors Feeders Withdraw from the League

#NLO18 Week Two (Thursday) Results;

FC Yobo 4-2 Odic FC

AS Racine 1-0 Joy Cometh

FC Nilayo 2-2 Olisa FC

Mighty Jets Feeders 2-1 Aklosendifc Feeders

Pillarsfc Feeders 6-0 Baretta FC

Ika Rangers 1-1 Isoko Utd

Wazobia FC 0-0 Bida Lions

Gombe Warriors 1-0 Flash Flamingos



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