Aso Rock 2019: Mixed Reactions over Keyamo’s Appointment


Nigerians on Social Media have reacted to the appointment of a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Barrister Festus Keyamo as Director, Strategic Communications for President Buhari 2019 Presidential Election. While some express their disappointment over the acceptance of the Human Right Lawyer to accept an appointment from a President they considered not Human Right friendly, others simply hail the appointment and encouraged Barrister Keyamo to do his job to the best of his ability.

Below are some of the reactions of Nigerians on twitter;

Buhari has presided over a lawless government, he has killed shiites indiscriminately, illegally detains critics and disobeys court orders. Guess who is the spokesperson for his reelection campaign? Festus Keyamo, a HUMAN RIGHTS lawyer and SAN. Nigeria is a horror story.




Festus Keyamo got appointed by PMB to be the official Spokesperson of his campaigns and children of bitterness came out with their Smoking Gun Why is it important to them who PMB appoints though? They always, always pick on anything that drives up their adrenaline.



As usual, Rotimi Amaechi – DG Campaign Festus Keyamo – Director, Strategic Communications Bola Tinubu – Chief deceiver of Lagos and South West Youths. Tomorrow, people will still accuse me of not working with Southerners.



Festus Keyamo: if we must rate the government we must rate it based on the circumstances that were met. Nigeria was heading down the drain when Buhari came in. These are facts.



Tolu Ogunlesi was jumping upandan on Twitter, he got an appointment. Festus Keyamo was yabbing everybody because of Buhari, he got his reward. Jags turned himself to Agbero for APC, he got one. Ayedee, try harder



Buhari with his NEPA cert, has a SAN as Vice President, while illegally detaining two political prisoners without trial; he has now appointed Festus Keyamo (SAN) ,to defend it; how do we convince our children to go to school after this? Being educated in Nigeria is overrated1f61e - Aso Rock 2019: Mixed Reactions over Keyamo's Appointment



We say we want more people in politics, but Festus Keyamo joining politics is now a bad thing Alot of young people hate when pple have different political views &opinions. We all cant group think How we integrate society is by respecting varying opinions& seeking common ground.


19 hours ago


Festus Keyamo has just been offered appointment as a Director in President Buhari’s Campaign Organisation. Life is testing him now. Like others, we shall see how he’ll come out on the other side. I wish him well.



A SAN ( Festus Keyamo ) will be working for the reelection of a man who has consistently refused to obey court orders. God punish hunger..


15 hours ago


Festus Keyamo, a human rights lawyer and a SAN of Nigeria has accepted the job of spokesperson for Buhari’s campaign. Buhari has murdered hundreds of shiites, illegally detains their leader, disobeys court orders. How much is Festus Keyamo‘s conscience worth please?


19 hours ago


Mr Festus Keyamo, SAN appointed as the Director, Strategic Communications (Official Spokesperson) for the President’s 2019 Presidential Campaign. But the claimed he is not bothered with the 2019 General elections. liars

Nigerian Advocacy is a financial hustle. If you feel let down by Festus Keyamo then perhaps you just landed on Earth….welcome Alien I’d love to take you to our leader but we ain’t got one


In one breath, we all asked that Professionals should participate in politics and not stand aloof again. In another breath, we castigate Festus Keyamo for accepting to be part of the political process. What do we want sef? Ain’t we CONFUSED? Or is it because it is Buhari?


So all this time Festus keyamo was criticising the past government, the man was looking for personal appointment


Festus Keyamo is a human rights activist. How can a human right activist be the spokesman of a president who couldn’t stop herdsmen killing, who unlawfully detained Shiites leader, who couldn’t initiate/complete a project. Keyamo is Osinabajo’s brother, all for selfish interest.


As a Human Rights Lawyer, he lost most of his major Court cases. As EFCC Prosecutor, he fumbled ALL Corruption cases at his disposal. Failed to Secure Delta state Gubernatorial ticket. Festus Keyamo and Buhari have a lot in common, both are Serial Failures.


Just imagine Gani Fawehinmi alive and a boy he tutored becoming a spokesman for a tyrant with deluge of human rights abuse. Imagine! Na waoooo Festus Keyamo!


Still can’t make up how Festus Keyamo went from Social Crusader, fiery Critic and Human Rights Activist to Buhari’s defender and APC mouthpiece. Still can’t make it up.


If you feel betrayed by Festus Keyamo, just see it as useful education. Now you know better than to abandon your civic duties to professional activists that you oddly expected sainthood from.


Festus Keyamo has been appointed as spokesman for Buhari’s presidential campaign Let’s not deceive ourselves, if Buhari should appoint you, you’ll accept it. That’s the same thing Keyamo did When God sha wants to help me punish people supporting Buhari, Keyamo won’t be left out


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