BBNaija: The 79th Diary Entry

Although the sound of the drama has taken on a rather strange and unpleasant sound due to the Housemates being left to sink or swim in the unknown, the bunch still finds solace in the very faint but familiar sounds; like Biggie’s voice calling them into the Diary and having them release their clenched muscles caused by the pressures of having to share the same spaces as the competition. Another round of diaries swept by and as always, the Housemates found peace by saying their piece.

Alex Exhales 

Alex was the first to spill the beans and prepare the pot of soup, explaining why Cee-C wasn’t her first choice when Biggie prompted them to put their heads together and Nominate as per criteria; highlighting however that she’d been freed from all the anger and pressure thanks to the ‘heartfelt’ (according to her of course) letter of apology she read to Cee-C earlier.

Down Memory Lane

The other Housemates’ diary session were much quicker and consumed way less times than Alex’s (not that we’re complaining though). Cee-C let out the fact that she’d learnt a lot about team collaboration during Task preps and will sure put practice this theory. On the other hand, of all the things she could have listed as, she mentioned Biggie’s voice as the one thing she’ll miss the most after all is said and done.

Miracle, Tobi and Nina were the most directly responsive of the bunch. When asked what the props placed in the House meant to them, they mentioned just how babies Chidera and Gelah reminded them of the amount of stress parenting brought. All three seemed to have been totally okay with the new HoH and for the first time in a very long while, resentment was thrown out the window.


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