About Us

Awijare News, is a Nigerian media organisation based in Lagos, Nigeria with a vision to help strengthen Nigeria’s online news publication, advance the socio-economic wellbeing and rights of the people, promote and enrich their cultural practices, and advocate for best practices, good governance, transparency and human rights, in line with the values expected of a modern democratic state.

Proprietors of the organisation believe that of all the institutions of a modern democracy, the media matter in large measure. It can help forge new communities, pursue political and social agenda in support of a better society, and help build visions of hope and resistance. Sadly the media can also lead in negative directions: dividing people and truncating hope and vision. In our country, the media have played both roles at different times in our history.

Awijare News was launched on September 20th, 2017 with the aim to deliver accurate, prompt and reliable news to readers all over the world, majorly about Nigeria and Nigerians.

We bring a huge commitment to offer our country the type of media that will advocate for the people and nudge our nation on the path of development and social re-engineering.

We are of the view that in terms of its formalistic processes, and its philosophy of content, the new media that will help spur the challenge of educational revolution, cultural rebirth, and economic development in Nigeria must be reflective, thoughtful, analytic and empathetic without a sense of entitlement and insularity.

We have come to fill that lacuna in our press, and therefore raise the bar of journalism in our country.

We will publish across all formats beginning with this online platform where we hope to appeal to the bulk of our young and middle class elites with a vision of the future and a belief in social change.

Team Awijare News

ATOUN, Dele Phemmy – Editor-in-Chief

Atoun Dele is a pragmatic believer in the New Nigeria Project, he is of the opinion that power of media is a tool to  make the change we want and desire in our society. He’s a teacher by training, a graduate of Accounting Education from the University of Ado Ekiti, (UNAD)

He has since built a reputable as a Football Referee, a Blogger and a Sports Journalist.

He is married with children.