Babcock Sextape: Nigerians condemn school for girl’s expulsion

Nigerian Social media users have condemned the expulsion of the Babcock school girl in a leaked sextape. The girl who went to greet her boyfriend in a rehab home, had sex with him on tape and the video was leaked by an aggrieved friend.

Reacting to the leaked video, the university in a statement by its Director, Communication and Marketing, Joshua Suleiman on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, says the man in the video and his girlfriend are no longer students of the University. 

Joshua says the “the boy was expelled from the school in February this year after investigation and due process proved that he was into certain grievous misconducts”, while his ‘girl friend’, was expelled after the video broke out.

The school’s spokesperson also says the lady in the video confessed that the incident took place in April this year, at Saint Bridget Hospital, Abeokuta and not in the school premises.

The statement reads, “The video above referred is, unfortunately, a sad commentary on the moral decadence that has assailed our society at large, a manner of behaviour that is alien and antithetical to the value of our university. It is not worth a tinge of fascination, but a ground of great concern for all.

“The boy in the video was expelled from Babcock University in February this year after investigation and the due process proved that he was into certain grievous misconducts, the acts for which the university has zero-tolerance.

“His girlfriend in the same video, until the video broke out, a third-year student of accounting of this university. After due process, she was expelled from the university for violation of university rules and regulations.

“The place where the immoral act took place, according to her written statement, was at Saint Bridget Hospital, Abeokuta, Ogun State, where the boy has been undergoing rehabilitation for different destructive addictions. According to the girl, the incident took place in April this year during school vacation when she visited the boy at the hospital. The act did not take place at Babcock University.

“Babcock University remains committed to the highest moral standards and would remain a standard-bearer for quality education in standard character, learning and in service to humanity. We are happy to be saddled with this challenge as an institution because it propels us to contribute to the greatness of this nation and the security of a bright future for our children.”

However Nigerians have reacted that the girl shouldn’t have been expelled for getting involved in a consensual sex outside the school during vacation.

Here are some of their reactions on twitter;

·1hMy own take on this #miakhalifa issue. Babcock university have no right to expel this girl, since d incident didn’t take place within d school premises. She have d right to have sex. This kind of unnecessary expulsions in Nigerian private universities should be stopped. #babcok

Joseph Asuquo@kjasuquo·1h#babcok only has the right to expel the girl if everybody in school is tested to be a virgin Order than that, they should be suing the guy for defaming the image of the girl and the school

·2hBut imagine if Babcock came out with a press statement saying they will be taking court actions against people who leaked the video and support the lady in question to justice against those who are using it to shame the lady. #babcok1117100Show this threadMazi Anyasi@anyasi_emma·56mWho brought in her university into the trend video? Who leaked the video & for what fucking reason? Who are the people that made it trend on twitter? These & more are the questions they should have asked. I smell propaganda in all of this saga. Expel is wrong #babcok

Jimmy Conquer @Official_ubeetsI can barely see any part of their body exposed. And why did #babcok expel the lady? If Jesus had joined those people stoning the adulterous woman in the bible, how’d we have known that no one is a saint. Let the VC come out if he is without a sin and if he is the most righteous

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