The Nigerian Ports Authority earlier this morning disagreed with the update of the Organisation of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control over the numbers of the infected people with the deadly corona virus.

The centre in a tweet released vis its handle @NCDCgov had released 14 new cases in wish 6 of them were claimed to be vessel passengers. Surprisingly to Nigerians, NPA via its tweeter handle@nigerianports questioned correctness of NCDC report as they claimed that they had their proper screening and there is no case or cases of an infected person or persons in the ports.

A lot of Nigerians however berated NPA for challenging the report of NCDC in the public. As two Government agents, they have been discreet in their handling of the issues.

Below are the sweets of the Agencies and few reactions from Nigerians.

Nigerian Ports@nigerianports
·16hReplying to @nigerianports @NCDCgov To enable verification and proper record keeping, kindly avail us with specific details on the name of the Vessel the passengers were on board, and the Terminal or Jetty where they berthed. #CovidNGR#COVID19145393639Nigerian

Ports@nigerianports·56mFollowing public reactions to attempts by the Authority to get full details of #COVID19 cases said to have been found on a vessel, the Authority wishes to make the following clarifications:62549 Nigerian Ports@nigerianports·54m

1. The NPA, by its tweet on Thursday March 26, did not contradict the information released to the public by the National Centre for Disease Control (@NCDCgov).

What the tweet sought to do was get full details of incident for purposes of record and better management in the future.193048Nigerian Ports@nigerianports·51m

The NPA needed the clarification to reassure stakeholders who raised concern over the announcement that 6 cases were found on a vessel when they as shipping companies, terminal operators,jetty operators didn’t witness any such passengers through their respective #COVID19 protocol32641

Nigerian Ports@nigerianports·49mThe NCDC has now clarified that these cases were discovered on an Oil Rig, Siem Marlin on the High Sea, offshore Lagos and accessed by the @followlasg and the @NCDCgov by Helicopter.82750

Nigerian Ports@nigerianports·49mMaritime stakeholders would not have been so apprehensive if it was clear that the passengers were on a rig.31941Nigerian Ports@nigerianports·48m

This clarification has renewed the confidence of stakeholders in the effectiveness of the processes put in place, which remains the principal objective of the Authority.62246Nigerian Ports@nigerianports·34m

The NPA and Ports Health Services have set clear protocols on the identification of sick people on vessels and the management of suspected and confirmed cases in line with best practices set by the International Maritime Organisation @IMOHQ11213

Nigerian Ports@nigerianports·34mGiven the fact that the maritime industry is central to the management of the pandemic worldwide, the Authority is committed to working with all other agencies of government to ensure the safety of all Nigerians.

Bamikole Banks@MrBanksOmishore
·15h Replying to @nigerianports and @NCDCgovlol. Talk off line please. Or make use of dm. This public show of lack of coordination is not only embarrassing to the hard working president, who was just in his office that was recently fumigated few hours ago. it is embarrassing to all Nigerians, as the world is watching.561928411

Nedu Ekeke #BBOG@Nedunaija·9h Replying to @nigerianports@elmorphy and @NCDCgov How was Port Health not informed by NCDC?12772Wale III@waleola101·8h If port health truly knows what they are doing, they should be the one to inform the NCDC of cases or suspected cases. I also think the handler of @nigerianports deliberately want to fuel distrust because they could reach out to NCDC via DMs but chose here.6749Da Mayor of Tweet City  @iam_damayor·10h Replying to @nigerianports and @NCDCgovSo, there are no official ways of communicating? You had to come drag them on Twitter

Man facepalming

9472Micah@micahsough·16hReplying to @nigerianports@gimbakakanda and @NCDCgovThis is like saying you found 6 cases at the airport and Faan is not aware, getting cases at port and NPA is not aware sounds ridiculous.917117