Why is BAT determined to be President? – Seun Osewa

Oluwaseun Osewa, the founder of foremost Nigeria Online Forum, Nairaland has queried why the Presidential candidate of the ruling party, APC is so determined to be the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The internet guru who supported the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo prior to the APC Special Convention wrote:

“Why is Asiwaju Bola Ahmad Tinubu so determined to be president, even though there are better candidates with less baggage in his party? Is it just because of his presidential ambition, or also because he desperately needs the legal immunity that the position provides?”
His outburst has attracted several reactions, while some reasoned along with him, others felt Osewa is still bitter because his candidate lost the APC Presidential election.
Below are some of the reactions of the tweeter users;
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He has been out of office for over a decade now, no one has arrested him for any crime, no one has taken him to court for any crime, yet u come here to drop trash abt him being desperate for immunity. Is that u pple don’t understand what you tweet or you just choose to be dense?
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With due respect sir, you are wrong on this one. Who are the better candidates with less baggage in his party? He has been out office since 2017?
Victor O. Abisoye
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No. From what I can see. He wants to be president because he has realized that Nigeria’s problems cannot be solved by minions. You need capacity connection and ideas to solve much of Nigeria’s problems
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Seun, though you didn’t complete your university education, I knew you used to be rational and a bit educated. You endorsed democracy, but ever since a democratic electoral process leads to APC presidential candidate, you’ve been speaking against it. Who bewitched you?
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Seun, name one presidential candidate in the world that there is nothing to dig up on him. Tinubu is not desperate this is the only time he is contesting 2003. PO contested in 2019, Atiku since 1992, Sowore since 2007 How do u call a 1st timer desperate?

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